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Kanae Yagi

Clinical Interest 


Infectious disease 

Developmental disorder 


Education Background: 

MD (Japan) 

Board Certified Pediatrician (Japan) 


Japanese, English 

Born in Osaka, Dr. Kanae Yagi decided to attend medical university as a high school student. She studied at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and subsequently worked as a doctor after graduating in 2003. Prior to working at Raffles Medical, she worked in several Japanese hospitals as a pediatrician for nine years, going on to obtain board certification in the discipline. After that, she joined an NPO and did volunteer work as a family physician, surgeon and anesthesiologist in Myanmar and Cambodia for one and a half years.

While she can deal with any pediatric case, she is especially interested in child development and developmental disorders. She also focuses on infectious disease. This enables her to deal with many challenging and moving situations.

Dr. Yagi is honored to support Japanese people who live in Cambodia as well as all Cambodian residents, local and foreign. She has dealt with many cases of tropical disease since joining Raffles in 2017 and is grateful for the opportunity to accumulate extensive experience here in her career as a doctor. She is available for consultation on everything child-related, from breast-feeding to preventing diaper rash.